Thursday Oct 05, 2023

The FBI named popular attack vectors for the DeFi segment

The FBI has issued a warning about the most common vulnerabilities used by cybercriminals to attack DeFi platforms. According to a report by the analytical company Chainalysis, in the period from January to March 2022, cybercriminals stole $1.3 billion in cryptocurrencies. Of these, almost 97% were stolen from DeFi platforms. The FBI has identified three […]

Unknown hacked DEX KyberSwap at the frontend level

Hackers have hacked the external interface of the non-custodial exchange KyberSwap DeFi project Kyber Network. The damage to users amounted to 265,000 USDC. On September 1, the developers of KyberSwap revealed suspicious activity at the frontend level. After closing the interface for investigation, they found malicious code in the Google Tag Manager (GTM) tool. The […]

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